Advantages of netix dedicated data-center

Controlled budget

Align your expenses to the actual evolution of your needs

Guaranteed reliabilty

benefit from a real Tier3+ / Tier4 SLA

Energy efficiency

Reduce your energy consumption

Fast deployment

12 weeks delivery time

Choice of location

Deploy your data center into an existing building or on an empty property

Available online support

Free customer support avaliable at all times

Smart data center

Take full control of all passive and active components remotely

Controlled dedicated access

Be in full control of your own data-center access and security

On demand modula expansion

We commit to invest further and further as your data-center needs grow

Data-center maintenance

We provide full preventative and corrective maintenance leaving you to focus on your main business

Inter-connected network expansion

As your data-center partner we will go where you go and help you expand you market share

No need for municipality licenses

No legal requirments for any site certificates and no civil contruction needed