What is ICO

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a great technique for startups to elevate their capital for their new idea in their business based on Blockchain. It imbibes all the benefits of the Blockchain Technology, such as being highly secure and having a rapid and expedient fundraising mechanism. ICOs are similar to IPOs. IPOs deal with investors, whereas, ICOs deal in providing faster options in bringing supporters who invest in a new venture across the world. Moreover, launching an IPO is a complex process which helps generally after a prolonged period of company’s growth and contribution. Whereas, launching ICOs are fast and easy providing a greater option for fundraising and internationalization. But getting help from a first rate Initial Coin Offering Company will do wonders to your ICO. If you are searching for an ICO Service Provider to build an advanced ICO you are at the right place

Why tokenization


cA common deterrent for people looking for new investment options is lack of liquidity. In many opportunities, capital is inaccessible for several years. With ICOs, not only do investors have high liquidity, the secondary market means that real-time pricing is based around the current value of the project.


ICOs can be available to everyone, particularly when the ICO accepts cryptocurrencies. The only requirement for most ICOs is that the contributor is able to transfer funds in time to buy.


Not only do ICOs allow anyone to invest, contributors can also invest at any time. This differs from traditional models of funding startups, where it is close to impossible to become an early investor unless you are in close contact with one of the founders.

Variation in Cost

The chance to use ICOs to fund any project means tokens can vary greatly in value from startup to startup. This lowers risk while also increasing the opportunity to make a considerable profit. Plus, the ability for a large number of investors to contribute enables multi-million dollar ICO projects.

Lower Competition

Many projects struggle to find funding through traditional methods, especially if they lack appeal for one reason or another. Sometimes, this is simply due to location (for example, the project is based outside a main center of wealth) or the type of offering, which is especially the case for non-profits. The simple funding procedures of ICOs allow potentially any project to receive funding.

Invest Cryptocurrency Profits

Holders of cryptocurrency are often hesitant to make use of their wealth, as they would rather not turn it into fiat and pay taxes on it. This means cryptocurrencies continue to accumulate value, but people are unable to make use of the wealth. ICOs are the perfect outlet.

ICO Development Services


We let you create an exceptional idea for your ICO launch, thereby directing you towards the path of success. Also we always make sure that the formulated idea is feasible, desirable and viable enough to beat the crypto crowd.

Whitepaper Consulting

We aid you in creating a transparent report constituting the complete details of your ICO. Moreover, we try to draft your whitepaper in a precise, comprehensive, and easily understandable manner, thereby exploring your project’s clear vision to the target audiences.

ICO Website Development

We construct your web page in such a way that it is highly informative, compelling or appealing in nature. Also, we make sure that the entire idea is presented diligently for maximum reach.

ICO Dashboard Design

We help you in designing an elegant dashboard for your ICO with the use of proper UI or UX design formats. The powerful investor and admin panels in our ICO dashboard designs let you to accept crypto currencies easily from investors and to manage them effectively.

Token Development

We assist you in developing highly immutable crypto tokens, through which your brand can gain an immense amount of trust from the investor side.

Smart Contract Development

You can build customized business contracts for your ICO to facilitate secure, reliable, hassle-free and legally binding transactions within the blockchain system.

Road Map To o Successful ICO

Idea And Research

We validate and shape your idea to bring it to a successful ICO


In depth and comprehensive whitepaper services to propose your idea to the ICO investors as it is important to be clear and detailed for the gain of the investors.

Smart Contract

We provide seamless and secure smart contract development services for a proficient ICO.

Pre ICO Campaign

We promote your ICO to ensure that it achieves a global reach. Moreover, we market your ICO in such a way that it captivates the interest of potential investors.

Why Net-IX blockchain

At Net-IX, as an ICO Development Company we employ expert ICO Consultants to help our clients gain the trust of their investors by providing a reliable and transparent ICO Development Services. Net-IX blockchain provides an all-inclusive development support to bring out the most successful project. We provide complete Initial Coin Offering Solutions such as ICO Launch Service, landing page creation, token creation and distribution, whitepaper drafting, Pre ICO and an extensive list of digital Initial Coin Offering Campaign and Post Initial Coin Offering Development Services and Blockchain Software Development.

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